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Clipper Source Code Recovery

Source Code Recovery
Santtech provides Source Code Recovery (decompile) services for CA-Clipper(Clipper) compiled programs.

There are two known Clipper decompilers (Valkyrie and Rescue5) which are able to decompile Clipper executables linked with Blinker Linker versions up to v3.1 only.

The Valkyrie decompiler is available from:
The demo version of Valkyrie can be downloaded from:
If the demo version is able to handle your Clipper executable then it would be cheaper to buy the full version instead of our source recovery services.

The Rescue5 decompiler is not being sold anymore.

Both of these decompilers are no longer being updated or developed to handle newer versions of Blinker and this is where we can help.

We have had a high degree of success recovering CA-Clipper source code for the past few years (including Blinker compressed executables) for the following types of CA-Clipper executable files.

1) CA-Clipper Summer 87

2) CA-Clipper 5.2x
linked with Rtlink
linked with Exospace
linked with Blinker (Real, Dual or Protected mode)
versions (3.01, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.1, 5.1, 6.0, 7.0)

3) CA-Clipper 5.2x
executables protected by Secure5

4) CA-Clipper 5.3x
linked with Exospace
linked with Blinker (Real, Dual or Protected mode)

5) CA-Clipper 5.x
linked with Dual or Protected mode Blinker and Compressed
versions (5.1, 6.0, 7.0)

Free Estimate and a Fixed Fee
Although all cases require a lot of manual work for source recovery we can usually do it for a fixed fee per executable file as following:
1) US$ 200 (Two hundred) for normal executables.
2) US$ 500 (Five hundred) Blinker Compressed executables.
3) US$ 800 (Eight hundred) for executables protected by Secure5

Only in some very rare and difficult cases we may need to charge more than the fixed fee previously stated.

For a FREE estimate of the fee, if we are able to decompile it, please e-mail the application executable along with any overlay files as a ZIP archive (.zip file) to:e-mail address

Please note that we cannot guarantee a successful decompile or a compiler ready code.

We have had difficulty in recovering other than these types of CA-Clipper executables .

Ethical Source Recovery
We will NOT assist in an attempt to recover the source code of applications for which one does not have the right to do so. We may require the request for source recovery to be accompanied with a signed statement certifying that the person/entity requesting the source recovery is the rightful owner of the said source code.


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